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DREAM    MAKERS        
Chesterland   Ohio      44026

Office        440-729-5800     24 HR

Fax            440-729-3939

E Mail   akdreammaker@sbcglobal.net

Dream Makers Limousine  Service Inc, Thought of all the information YOU, as a customer  might want to inquire about while
trying to decide which limousine service is best for you, and of course, what that service is actually going to provide.

Dream Makers Limousine Service begins by offering  you the best limousine our fleet has to offer. This limousine will be your
invitation to elegance. Exactly what you should expect from a limousine service. Our Chauffeurs are well trained and always in
uniform. Our vehicles are mechanically reviewed every  120  days with a complete safety check in mind,  bumper  TO   
bumper. Our limousines are properly certified by the guidelines set by the Feral Motor Vehicle Safety Standards                     
 ( FMVSS  ) setting forth compliance to construction and safety  testing mandated by the provisions  as set forth under the
Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance  ( OVSC  )  of the National Highway Traffic Administration  ( NHTSA  ) . We keep current
under the Ohio Livery and Licensing Laws, and as active members of the  National Limousine Association, This Company
strictly complies with their guidelines and expectations .

Dream Makers offers to you, the customer,  SATISFACTION  GUARANTEED. If you are not satisfied with your Chauffeurs
appearance, or with the limousine that arrives at your pick up location, before departure, contact our Company immediately,
and WE WILL make things Right .We are a  Door to Door  service,  Destination to Destination.  We will provide you with  a
clean and comfortable limousine, with the assurance that you and your guests safety is most important to us. The
Transportation we provide you  will allow you to be worry  and hassle free, so you can just     SIT BACK                                
                            and        ENJOY  The RIDE.

Please find enclosed in the additional linked pages, and other services our Company has to offer, showing some pictures  
along with other types of businesses we are proud to do business with.

THANK   YOU , the customer, for choosing our COMPANY,    DREAM MAKERS LIMOUSINE SERVICE    to help you,

Dolph  Kebe         President / Owner

Loretta Kebe        C.E.O